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Women of Inspiration 2014

Its that time of year again.  The time when we come over all reflective on the year that just passed.

We are so thankful every day here at The Body Retreat for the inspiration that  comes with running the only health and well-being retreat run by women for women. We get to work with some amazing women, women who join us on retreat, women who support us in our business, women who inspire us from afar.

Last year we began what I hope to become a long running tradition, sharing some of the Women of Inspiration that we meet on our journey.  Sharing just a few of the many inspirational women from our year. We share our thanks for the inspiration that these women have given to us and hope that you will be inspired by them too. So now we have been in a reflective state of mind during January and we would like to share our Women of Inspiration 2014.

Last year we sort of had a theme of “Niceness” in our three lovely ladies…we love niceness here at The Body Retreat and think that it is a much maligned word…and overlooked personal quality.  We believe that it really is Nice to be Nice. And we love others who are genuinely nice too.  So reflecting on what our ladies had in common this year we were struck by a common thread.  All three of this years Women of Inspiration have inspired us by their selflessness.  That innate ability to put others first, to make those around then feel better….sometimes by doing nothing at all really…its just sort how they are.   That really is such an attractive quality.

This year we start with an old face….. she will hate me for suggesting that she is old…. because she is anything but!!  Of course I should have said a Familiar Face.

Our first Women of Inspiration 2014 is non other that Miss Louise Wisson…. or Lulu to her friends.

Lulu Wisson

Lulu Wisson

Last year we shared how inspired we were by Lulu’s commitment to her health and welling despite her battle with rare primary peritoneal cancer.  As a long time friend and supporter of The Body Retreat we have been privileged to be a part of Lulu’s journey as she worked towards health. Lulu inspired us by her commitment to healthy eating and staying fit and active through out her treatment.  No excuses, Lulu was committed to her health and so she made effort every single day to do something that improved it, wether that be take a walk, make a healthy soup, practice mindfulness or spend time enjoying her great passion for baking. We celebrated when after a round of aggressive surgery and the resultant equally aggressive chemo Lulu was clear of cancer.

Then came the news that no one wants to hear…IT’S BACK!  Just like that… a sideswipe.  But again Lulu shines out for everyone as a beacon of positivity.  Lulu shares her story on her blog http://louisewisson.com.  Her bravery and positive attitude are such an inspiration that the word hardly seems to do her justice. Having hit her target to raise £10k for her chosen cancer charities including The Eve Appeal, which specialises in research into gynaecological cancers, Lulu is now looking to increase that to a whopping £100,000.  With her determination, her positive mental attitude and the love and support hat she seems to naturally evoke in every one who meets her we are sure that this is well within her grasp.

But you knows what is really inspirational about Lulu…thats despite everything that is going on in her life she is still thinking of others and often putting them to the top of her priority list.  Wether that be joining us at our Charity Bootcamp Day, supporting The Body Retreat to continue to spread the message of women’s wellness or even just asking after a fellow retreater. Lulu inspires us by her selflessness time and time again.

Our next Woman of Inspiration for 2014 is Jeanne Driebeek

Jeanne has been joining us at The Body Retreat from before we were even The Body Retreat!!!  Jeanne began her weight loss journey back about 7 years ago working with Julie Brealy.  But it’s not the fact that Jeanne lost an impressive number of stone or that she has successfully kept it off that we thought of Jeanne as an inspiration this year.

During 2014  Jeanne suffered with an shoulder injury, despite this and the personal frustration it must have caused her to not be able to work out at the intensity and pace she normally does, when Jeanne joined us on retreat she was a real support for her fellow retreaters. Some of whom were brand new and so naturally a little nervous in the first few days and Jeanne really went out of her way to welcome them to the group, encourage them up hills, though olive groves, through moonlit morning circuits and starlit dance class . You could see the relief on the new recruits faces.

Jeanne is also famous on retreat for her tardis like packing..need a blister plaster, safety pin, washing line to dry your pants, backpack, water bottle, organic decaffeinated earl grey teabag…..Jeanne is your woman!!  Im sure Jeanne packs for the whole party not just her own needs.  Selflessness often isn’t about the big stuff but rather the hundred little acts of kindness that put someone else’s need above your own…Jeanne is a great example of that and we are very lucky to have her continued support and friendship.

Our last Women of Inspiration is Jane Alexander.

Jane AlexanderJane has been a friend of The Body Retreat for many years.  Jane is a real advocate of womens wellbeing, she is a published author (her book The Overload Solution is one of our Top 7 Books for Health & Wellbeing) and columnist for publications like Natural Health and Top Sante.  But for us what is inspiring about Jane is that beyond her vast knowledge of her subject matter Jane processes an ever enquiring mind.  Jane doesn’t consider herself the finished article, the definitive “Expert” with the Capital E,  but remains open and keen to learn more, explore further, delve deeper into the journey that is the path to wellness.  Don’t you just hate those “Experts” who think they know it all and are not open to hearing anything else, anyone else’s opinion, anything that might be new… Jane is so far removed from this, she is a true expert who wants to listen and learn. It’s refreshing and inspiring.

We have been lucky to welcome Jane onto retreat a couple of times now and she always has a warmth and openness, never once do her well being credentials overwhelm you.  But it’s nice to be kept on your game, we pride ourselves at The Body Retreat that we remain at the cutting edge of women’s wellness, we do this in many ways through training, reading, study and by having inspiring experts we can call friends.  If you want to discover more about Jane and her on health and wellbeing you will enjoy her blog entitled Never Knowingly Overwhelmed 

We would Love to hear from you, which women has inspired you recently and why?  Please share your Woman of Inspiration by leaving us a comment in the box at the bottom.

Lets spread a little love and inspiration 🙂

4 Replies to “Women of Inspiration 2014”

  1. I’m proud and privileged to know all three of these wonderful women! That’s one of the many many things you get from The Body Retreat, a chance to meet and become friends with some amazing people – and that of course means Juls and Julie too.

  2. Oh my goodness! Was reading this, nodding at those wonderful women…and then…found myself! Thank you SO much. But, you know, it cuts both ways. I have learned SO much from you guys…and had the best fun doing it. 🙂 xxx

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