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It’s quite hard to sum up what The Body Retreat is in just a few words. It’s much easier to say what it isn’t…The Body Retreat isn’t a weight loss bootcamp, it’s not a detox retreat and it isn’t a health spa…it’s so much more than the sum of its parts.

The Body Retreat is the destination for busy woman who are ready to reclaim the body, health and wellbeing they deserve.

Mindset change is at the core of all our retreats Co-founder Juls Abernethy leads group hypnotherapy on all our residential retreats.

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Why Join The Body Retreat?

  • We are the only weight loss Retreat company that is run exclusively by women for women. We know women’s health.
  • Some women want to turn their backs on decades of dodgy dieting and finally achieving the body and fitness they want.
  • For others, it’s about regaining a zest for life. Perhaps even regaining a good nights sleep or having naturally balanced energy.
  • Some women join us as they realise that something has to change with their current lifestyle but they are not sure what to do or how to begin.
  • Many women join us simply because they enjoy having the space and time to focus on themselves for a change.

At The Body Retreat we know from both personal experience and from our years of study, training and expertise that when it comes to losing weight, getting fit, managing stress or any other well-being goal, women need to attend to both their mental and emotional health at the same time as their physical bodies.

Our retreats do just that.

Designed By Women For Women Since 2010

Helping Women Just Like You

Whatever your reasons for searching for support right now we are confident we can help.  Since 2010 our wellness and female weight loss retreats have helped women just like you to regain their health, energy and get the spark back.

All our women-only retreats have been created and honed by experts in many fields including nutrition, fitness, mental and physical health and psychology help you achieve the results you want and deserve.

Every Body Retreat combines complete seclusion in private venues in stunning surroundings, delicious food freshly prepared to your dietary requirements, varied exercise and activity programmes and workshops about the issues behind the symptoms you’re experiencing. Onsite spa facilities and a dedicated team of therapists help make your retreat experience perfect.

Camaraderie, emotional support and fun are at the heart of our luxurious retreats so it’s no surprise you’ll leave feeling revitalised with the confidence and motivation to continue taking care of your body and mind.

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