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Stress Re-set Retreat

Why choose our Re-set Retreat?

Feeling wired and tired? Stress is on the rise for todays busy women as they struggle to enjoy a sense of balance between home, work and health. Women are more susceptible to the negative impact of stress, more and more women are suffering from adrenal fatigue, burnout our of “hurried Woman Syndrome”.  Our Re-set Retreat is specifically designed to support busy professional women reset their stress levels and build their resilience to better cope with whatever life throws at them.


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Stop Feeling Like You Are Just Going Through the Motions

This popular Stress Reset Retreat is for women who want to stop coping, and start living. It’s designed to tackle stress and burnout from the inside out, and to give you the tools to better deal with life and all that it brings, with an intelligent focus on behaviour, nutrition and exercise as well as some good old fashioned R&R.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself in the right environment, and this retreat focuses on a liver detox and resources like mindfulness to support you to better deal with stress.

As well as emerging rested and renewed, you’re also likely to lose an average of 6 lbs – a welcome extra confidence boo


The Body Retreat Weight Loss Retreat

This is the Perfect Retreat to...

rebalance your stress levels and in turn redress the native impact that Stress may have had on your health and wellbeing

  • Hair loss
  • Digestion issues, IBS,  leaky gut etc
  • Muscle aches and pains ( in particular shoulder and neck pain)
  • Chest pain
  • Heart palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Lowered sex drive
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Mood swings
  • Food cravings
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular periods
  • Dry skin & skin breakouts
  • Poor concentration & memory
  • Weight gain around the middle.


On our Reset Retreat you will....

Cleanse Yourself

Meals after that will be dairy, red meat and refined grain free – all freshly prepared using seasonal, local and (where possible) organic ingredients, and very delicious. You’ll be encouraged to body brush daily and enjoy the sauna too, to support the natural detox process. There will be a nutrition workshop on how to heal the body with food and following you can have a private 1-2-1 nutritional consultation with Kate Delmar-Morgan. Through the week Juls will be available to answer any questions on food she has prepared for you and top tips on how to make good choices to help combat stress and re-balance hormones.

Learn About Mindfulness

Your retreat includes mindfulness classes led by our guest practitioner Dr Miranda Bevis and supported by daily Mindful Moment workshops. These will help you be in the moment and feel better able to deal with everyday stress, anxiety and negative emotions.

Sleep Well

As sleep is often the first thing to go when you’re stressed, we’ve developed our very own unique Sleep Hypno technique to build up the strength of your parasympathetic nervous system and reduce any anxiety you may feel about getting to sleep or sleeping the whole night through. We use this technique in our group hypnotherapy session, which we run every night just before bed time.

Move Your Body

There’ll be enjoyable daily mix of classes of low impact exercise such as Nordic Walking, Yoga, Pilates and strength training, sprinkled with some High Intensity Interval Training workouts to help blast away that pocket of abdominal fat that stress tends to cause. Everything is expertly spaced and paced to ensure it never feels too much or too little, whatever your goals or fitness level.

Enjoy some R&R:

Being kind to yourself and taking time out is just as important as thinking and moving, so there’ll be plenty of time for rest and relaxation on this retreat. Included are a head neck and shoulder massage and  there are options to book more therapies.

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