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From despair came opportunity.

Seeing our business grind to a halt practically overnight when Lockdown happened like so many others brought feelings of panic, anxiety and despair. But once we’d dusted ourselves off, out of despair came the opportunity to develop an arm of the business we’d always planned.

If someone had said to us a few months ago that we’d be feeling excited and hopeful about The Body Retreat business, we would have definitely raised an eyebrow. But that’s exactly how we felt as we launched The Body Retreat @Home last week, and we’re pretty thrilled with it.

Body Retreat@Home has been something that has always been on our radar – something we really wanted to do but have never really had the time to dedicate to it and for us, if we’re doing something, we’re doing it properly. This sudden halt and new forced time in Lockdown allowed us to develop something that we’d been dreaming of for years.

When the lockdown started, we were pretty devastated. Our wonderful retreats that were fully booked and with every detail planned were not going to happen and we had an indefinite time of uncertainty ahead of us like many others meaning we couldn’t plan for anything in the physical retreat world.

Things were tough – we were both very up and down, and it definitely took time to come to terms with it. All the hard work over 10 years (we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary this year!) could be all over and that seemed deeply unfair.

However, once we’d shed the tears, had the outbursts and raised our fists to the sky, we settled and really thought about the situation and realised that this was a prime opportunity to do the thing we’d always wanted to do – launch Retreat @Home.

We had been afforded the gift of time which, for us and loads of others, is a highly valued commodity and we were definitely not going to waste it.

We set to work on formulating this new arm of the business and create something with longevity, mass appeal and, most importantly, something that will really give the women who take part in it, great value and life-changing insight.

As we were busily behind-the-scenes planning, we saw businesses around us knee-jerk into new territories and sometimes launch something as a quick reaction to the current business climate. But often, their offers weren’t thought out properly leaving them with limited shelf lives. For us, this new element of the business was here to stay, so we took as much time as it took to get it right.

There have been weeks, days and hours poured into Body Retreat @Home but we are so happy about what it is and what it offers. For us, it’s not just another online programme – this is a Retreat that’s personal and can be tailored to every woman that signs up and importantly, allows accessibility to The Body Retreat Team and fellow retreaters throughout.

A startling statistic is that with the support of a group you are 248% more likely to succeed than dieting on your own and we have seen this first-hand time and time again on our retreats. Going it alone to lose weight, get healthy and increase your fitness can be a lonely road which is why we created this arm of the business.

Retreat@Home is for women who maybe can’t commit to a full week’s retreat but want to make changes and make them in an honest, open, relatable and unintimidating way.

We can’t wait to share more with you! Please go and check out our gorgeous new website www.thebodyretreatathome.co.uk

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