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Why Choose Our Menopause Retreat?

All woman experience Menopause in different ways, in fact there are between 40 – 50 recognised signs and symptoms of Menopause so it can feel like a minefield to understand and navigate.

  We believe very strongly, as menopausal women ourselves, that every woman should understand what Menopause is, how it may affect them and how they can support themselves Into, Through & Beyond Menopause.

Our 7 Day Menopause Retreat is the most comprehensive dedicated Health Retreat with a complete and holistic focus on Menopause.

Our Menopause Retreat programme is packed with a wide range of workshops, activities and exercise all evidence based and all specifically designed to support women make their own personal choices for the Menopause.that they want to enjoy. Our Team of Female Experts have over 160 years of Post Qualification Experience combined so you can be sure you are in the very best hands.

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Why Shouldn’t Menopause Feel Good?!

It is great that Menopause is finally being talked about in the main stream. It is no longer a shameful secret that a woman has to grin and bear on her own.

However given the over emphasis on the signs and symptoms of Menopause would be forgiven for thinking that Menopause is some awful disease or condition that women of a certain age must suffer.

Yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

Menopause is natural part of every woman’s life, it does not have to be endured and you do not have to fumble your way through.

Yes there any many changes that will happen to you physically, mentally and emotionally but with the right knowledge and resources you can enjoy a positive Menopause

This is the perfect Retreat to…

  • Ask questions from a raft of experienced female professionals so you can truly understand what choices are available for you to support yourself.
  • Understanding the specific sleep disorders that impact women in Menopause and reconnect to the healthy habit of sleep
  • Clean up your nutrition and really understand the impact of foods to include and avoid to nourish your body and mind through this transistion
  • Understand how to mange Menopause symptoms and also actively safeguard your long term health
  • Shed the unwanted pounds and inches that may have crept on
  • Regain your confidence that you can and you will live a happy and healthy life thought and beyond Menopause.

On our Menopause Retreat you will...

Eat Well

Our bodies have different nutritional needs as we enter perimenopause and beyond. Our Menopause Retreat features a completely bespoke Menu with a range of freshly cooked meals designed to create balance and metabolic flexibility, meaning you feel energised and strong and can shed that resistant belly fat …. And you will get a meal planner and recipe booklet to take home too

Move Your Body

Movement is always an important component of a healthy lifestyle and never more so than in Menopause, from reducing the risk of chronic health conditions, improving sleep quality, building better bone density, helping stress management and improving emotional wellbeing…. Learning how and when to move your body in Menopause is a game changer.

Understand Your Hormones

Is HRT right for you? Or do you want to take a more complimentary approach? Our expects can help you to navigate this time and make the decision that is right for you, understand the science behind the symptoms, understanding the risks and benefits for both long and short term health, debunk the myths and get some reliable science based information that makes you feel you can make an informed choice.

Rebalance Body and Mind

Menopause can be an anxious time, it can feel like you are stuck in a vicious cycle of symptoms, from hot flushes, acid reflux, to panic attacks, nightmares and low mood. The body and mind are subject to some tumultuous times, but here you will learn a ranges of resources that can help you day by day to regain a feeling of control and ease.

Enjoy Time For You

As we approach Menopause it can feel even more difficult to find time for yourself. Juggling a busy life, working, supporting aging parents and/or children you can find yourself at the bottom of a very long To-Do List. This time on Retreat is not only the opportunity to focus on your health and wellbeing, to connect and share time with a small group of women who are in a similar place to you, to enjoy a nurturing and supportive environment where you can relax and be looked after but it can also be the space you need to take stock and focus on this time of change and consider what you want from this next stage in your life.

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Our 7 Day Menopause Retreat is the most comprehensive dedicated Health Retreat with a complete and holistic focus on Menopause.

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