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The Body Retreat

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Our Ethos

A Health Retreat that reflects your values

At The Body Retreat we want to help you respect and protect your body for life. Far from being a quick fix, our retreats are designed to help you find balance in the long term by focusing holistically on four Pillars of Wellbeing – Mindset, Menu, Movement and– the best bit – Maintenance.

Our programmes take into account everything that could affect your wellbeing, from the eating habits that can cause you to put on weight to the hormones that can play havoc with your weight, mood or confidence.  We want you to enjoy the journey, of course, so you won’t find anything in our programmes that’s austere or complicated. We keep each of our retreats small too, so you can be sure of our personal attention and support so you gain the result you want
and deserve.

Our Pillars of Wellbeing are:



Our Mindset drives our behaviours and our behaviour drives all our actions and dictate our results, so if we get this right, the rest will follow.  Safe, confidential and extremely effective group sessions in Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) led by Juls Abernethy are at the heart of each retreat, and will help you identify and overcome barriers to your own success. Depending on retreat we also have experts to teach you useful Mindfulness & Relaxation techniques, so you can learn how to support yourself once back home and build healthy habits for life.


We are all about choice at The Body Retreat, no more so than when it comes to the food we eat.  The body can heal and support itself amazingly well given the right nutrition. On each retreat we’ll help you practice moderation in all things, learning to live by the 80/20 rule. Sessions with our nutritional therapist Kate Delmar-Morgan and group activities will give you the confidence and knowledge to be able to choose foods that stabilise your blood sugar, to listen to your body and eat consciously once home.
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We differentiate between activity and exercise. A subtle but important distinction that really makes the difference when it comes to achieving you weight loss or health goals. If you do what you always do, you get what you always got, so our retreats provide a wide variety of exercise techniques and classes taught by Julie Brealy and our super-qualified guest instructors to keep you interested and show you just how much you’re capable of outside a gym environment. Our sessions focus on resistance and strength training, for they’re the most effective way of toning up, burning fat and building the bone density you need to guard against osteoporosis later in life. Whatever your goal, you’ll be encouraged to find your own level and then stretch it.


Making time to rest and repair. Making time to ensure that we keep our body and health in balance.  Taking proper time out in life – and on our retreats – is vital. It’s your reward for working hard, but also the time when changes within your body and mind are subtly strengthened and embedded. All our venues have pools and our UK venues have private onsite spa facilities which we encourage you to take advantage of during your stay, and everyone gets a complimentary goodie bag of luxury products to enjoy. On some retreats we make spa time compulsory to encourage ultimate relaxation, and offer
complimentary body treatments too.


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