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The Body Retreat

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Celebrating 10 Years Retreating at The Body Retreats

The Body Retreat is 10 Years old today.

Some of you may already be familiar with how The Body Retreat was started.

Like all good stories we will start with once upon a time….

There was an overweight, unhealthy corporate HR executive who was spending her days coping. Until the day she wasn’t… Acute Adrenal Fatigue or Burnout as its called saw co-founder Juls spending 3 months in a private psychiatric hospital.

It seemed the time to turn my back on my corporate career and while I was figuring out what my next steps would be I went on holiday where I met Julie Brealy who was the designer and manager of one of the UK’s first Weight Loss Bootcamps.  

Julie was disillusioned with her current role, the owners of her Bootcamp were only interested in bums in beds.  She was running a mixed camp with 20-30 people attending each week.  Julie wanted to do more, give more after care, to work with smaller groups, to work more with women and to be able to tailor the service she offered.  

This conversation stayed with me during the holiday, it sparked something in me.  

A question…”what if….”  

When we returned home from the holiday I sent Julie a proposal outlining a small bespoke women only heath retreat that would bring together our combined skills and experience 

I wrote “War and Peace”, my manifesto for a health retreat run by women for women that really focused on factors that impact women’s health.  It took Julie over a week to reply, so I thought I had blown it. 

Her tentative and brief reply suggested that we meet for a coffee and a chat.  

The rest as they say is history.

The story of how The Body Retreat came about perfectly describes myself and Julie as individuals and business partners.  I am quick, sharp, emotional and if I’m honest verbose.  Julie by contrast is quiet, considered, measured and methodical.  

We literally are the Ying and Yang of women’s health.  

From our knowledge, experience, skills and areas of expertise to our personalities and demeanour.  We have worked together almost daily for 10 years now and we still make each other laugh, we know when to back down, know when to step up and take charge.  The partnership is a huge part of what makes The Body Retreat successful.

We are women on a mission to provide a safe space for busy women to reclaim their health their way.  To bebunk the health myths and societal dictates that tell women how they should look, feel and be.  Our aim is to empower women to enjoy the body, health and wellbeing they want and deserve.

Here’s to the next 10 years…..

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