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The Body Retreat weight loss retreat

Its not only about what you Lose but about what you Gain

You expect that when you join any residential Weight Loss Retreat that you will shed pound and inches…but for us its more about about what you gain than what you lose.

You can expect to gain a sense of clarity over what foods to eat to balance your energy, your mood and your waistline.  No faddy diets or trends here , just the down to earth practical appliance of science.

You can expect to feel a sense of true balanced energy, a sense of vitality and wellness that you may not have felt for years.

You can expect to leave with increased confidence and motivation to continue to make positive choices for yourself at home.

You can also except to be a part of our Retreat Family as our ongoing support is always there for you.

Order Tramadol Online UsThere are many contributing factors that influence results, results will differ for each individual.

This is the perfect Retreat to...


  • Learn how to balance energy and metabolism and increase your vitality.
  • Increase your confidence in your ability to make positive choices that improve you health and wellbeing.
  • Develop a positive relationship with food that nourishes body and mind.
  • Discover what you are really capable off when you step out of your comfort zone.
  • Let go of old unhelpful and unhealthy habits that have been holding you stuck.

On our Weight Loss Retreat you will...

Change Your Mind

We’ll help you change the lifestyle and behavioural patterns which may have encouraged you to put on weight or stopped you from losing it. Your weight loss retreat week will include hypnotherapy and behaviour sessions tailored to the needs of your group – you might learn how to get rid of food cravings, understand how mood affects hunger or overcome your triggers to over eat.

Eat Well

Our beautifully cooked, freshly prepared meals use seasonal, local and (where possible) organic ingredients and can be tailored to any dietary requirements. We’ll encourage conscious eating, to ensure you enjoy your food with us and never feel the need to over eat again.

Move Your Body

There’ll be exercise sessions in which you’ll be encouraged to work at your own pace, the exercise programme can be modified to your fitness level so you don't feel over whelmed or uncomfortable. With a programme that may include low and high intensity classes from toning classes, daily walks, Yoga, Pilates, Nordic walking,  swimming, zumba and boxfit, keeping active on this retreat is fun and easy, and we’re sure you won’t be bored.

Enjoy some R&R:

Taking time out is just as important as thinking and moving, so there’ll also be plenty of time for rest and relaxation. Included in your week is a body massage or body exfoliation and you’ve the option to book more therapies

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Sugar Detox Retreat

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Healthy Holiday

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Conscious Cook and Tone

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The Body Breakthrough Programme

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more than 38kgs to lose