The Body Retreat

The Body Retreat

Women Only Weight Loss & Wellbeing Retreats

Why is Wellness for women so elusive in our time?

Is technology helping or hindering wellness for women?

We live in crazy times, never have we had access to so much information or technology and yet our health and wellbeing seems to be regressing. 

These days we have meal delivery services, calorie counted ready meals in every supermarket, smart watches, trackers to count calories, steps,, even glasses of water, mediation apps, workout channels , even stationary bikes linked to trainers round the world 24 hours a day….all of this support and yet despite all these helpful aids we are becoming sicker, fatter and more stressed.

It can seem like you can’t win.

What if I was to tell you that you don’t need a single one of these aids to help you achieve and maintain the body , health and wellbeing you want???

What if I told you that you have all the resources that you need already? 

Would you believe me?

The human body and brain are truly wonders of the natural world.  This dynamic system that can self regulate to ensure that you don’t over heat, that wounds mend, that fight infection …you don’t have to figure out how to make these things happen.  You just need to let them happen.

It’s the same system that can help us to achieve and maintain the body and health we want.

When we are born we have a natural “stop eating” switch which allows us to recognise when enough is enough, we also have a desire to move our bodies.  However we have evolved to over ride these functions, we have stopped listening to our bodies for so long that now we can fee totally disconcerted. 

It’s this disconnected feeling that lead us to look outside to have external help to manage our appetites, to help us move our bodies.  Now having support and guidance is one thing…but feeling lost if you don’t have a perfect nutritiously balanced meal ready, feeling upset if you forget to put your fitbit on as you will have “missed steps’, feeling guilty if you miss a booked PT session, cutting foods out of your daily diet as they make bars on your tracker app tip into the red.  All of these actions, while on the face of it may seem small and positive, can be dissolving your own personal resolve, your internal resources and so your feeling like you cant do it without all the support.

It comes down to TRUST.  You need to learn to trust yourself again.  This can seem really difficult if you have been overweight for a long time, if you have yo-yo’d back and forth for years or decades. 

It’s what we do on our Weight Loss Retreats, we are about creating sustainable wellness fo women. Yes we are debunking diet myths and offering clear practical guidelines for how to eat well and move smart, but there are no absolutes.  We encourage you to start to listen to your own body, to begin to recognise and prioritise your health needs, to begin to reclaim control.

It’s not for everyone, I’ll be honest and tell you that in the 10 years that we have now been running I can count on one hand the number of women who really don’t like this approach, they want absolutes, they want a diet, they want us to tell them how every day should be, what to eat , when to move…but real life isn’t like that.

Of course you want to be armed with the right information, you want to have the confidence in yourself that you can recognise and make positive choices…but you also want and need to have the flexibility to be able to listen to your body.  So some days start with wake up work out and bowl of power porridge and others start with coffee, croissant and the papers….one isn’t good or bad.  They are different and together you choose to create a balanced lifestyle. 

When it comes to long term wellness for women it really is one intuitive positive choice at a time….there isn’t an app for that …YET!!!

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