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Exercise New Year Resolutions = Injuries !!!

Exercise New Year Resolutions

Exercise New Year Resolutions = Injuries !!!

Although we love exercise New Year Resolutions we are not great fans of at The Body Retreat.  While we can applaud making a conscious decision to begin to take better care of yourself, of shedding the weight that is unnecessary for you, of improving your health and wellness; we don’t feel that there is any special time of year when you “should” make these changes.

How about you?  Are you an Exercise New Year Resolution maker?

Would you be surprised to learn that exercise New Year Resolutions could actually work against your health???

Have you keenly thrown yourself into a new fitness regime?

Are you enjoying the benefits, feeling strong fit and healthy? 

I hope so….but you might actually be feeling a bit sore and sorry for yourself right now.

January is a boom time for the fitness industry, as millions of the guilt-ridden flock — at least temporarily — to health clubs, gyms and bootcamps to try to shed excess pounds acquired over the holidays or to make this year the year that they do shed their unwanted  weight.

But for the inexperienced, this going from zero to one hundred in a workout regime can pose unexpected hazards. Many fitness wannabes are not familiar with how to use exercise machines and other equipment, they don’t take time to learn the proper technique or focus on their form and can easily sustain head, eye, back, neck, hip, leg and ankle injuries.

According to a recent survey, sprains, joint inflammation and other overuse injuries are among the most common maladies doctors, physios and osteopaths see among resolution-makers.  Mostly seen in people who have taken the phrase “no pain, no gain” literally.

What’s the best advice to prevent Exercise New Year Resolution injuries?

  • Yes exercise – its good for you but know your own limitations and work within in these to begin with as you slowly start to build up your strength and stamina
  • Plan a simple program (ask your physio, PT, gym supervisor for some help)
  • Learn the correct techniques!!  It is much better form to do less of the correct technique that lots of poorly executed reps that do little to build muscle or worse could be setting you up for injury.
  • Warm up, Warm up, Warm up.  Its doesn’t have to be very much or even very long but never go straight into exercise cold.
  • Listen to your body and don’t fail to find the intensity, frequency of exercise that is right for you. You can always build on this as you progress.
  • Vary your exercise, this not only can prevent injury from over use but also prevents boredom.

Making exercise and movement a regular part of your lifestyle is a fabulous goal to make for yourself.  Just take it slow, find out what works for you, something you enjoy.  Then you will find it easy to keep the momentum going, safely and healthily. 

If you still are not an exercise lover or haven’t found anything that ticks your movement boxes check out our blog on Enjoying rather than Enduring Exercise.

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