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Thinking of quitting Sugar …but waiting to get Easter out of the way??

First things first…we are not Sugar Haters here at The Body Retreat.

Sugar is a natural substance…we don’t hate sugar.

But we do think that the consumptions of sugars seems to have gone through the roof in recent years…we eat out more, we eat on the run more, we eat more refined processed foods.

How Do You Like To Enjoy Your Sugar

Sugar is meant to be enjoyed in moderation…there’s that unsexy word again…moderation!!!

It is true…if you want to enjoy a sweet treat, a slice of cake, a bar of chocolate, a pudding then do so…enjoy it guilt free.

But do you also want to be eating sugar when you are tucking into bacon and eggs, your chicken salad, your hummus and crudités?  Im guessing not.

This is the sugar we have an issue with at The Body Retreat…the hidden stuff.

Because hidden sugar is undermining your health and your waistline.

Do You Have A Sugar Habit?

You see sugar has a way of taking a hold of your tastebuds, of messing with your hormones of changing your brain chemistry meaning that you find yourself wanting more more more!!

You know when you have an issue with sugar because you cant get through a day without something sweet.  Your energy levels are out of balance and you rely on carbs and caffeine to get you through the day.  You find it easy to eat high amounts of very starchy foods and not feel full in the slightest.

Those of us (and I’m very much in this camp) who have a problem with sugar…know it.

But the real question is do we want to do something about it?

The answer seems to be “quitting sugar”…seems extreme doesn’t it!! Imagine life with no sweetness in it…YIKES.

No wine, no almond croissants, no Malteesers, no choccie bicckies…. ok i admit it this is actually my list of treats that I enjoy.

Nothing wrong with enjoying a sweet treat in moderation…in fact I’d argue that it is good for you.

But what happens when you cant stop at just one slice, one glass, one packet.

What happens when your energy levels are on the floor all afternoon.

What happens when you find yourself craving sweet stuff …all …the …time!!

Does that mean going cold turkey???

`Yes ….and NO.

The Body Retreat Approach To Quitting Sugar

Let me explain….

If you want to regain a sense of control over sugar in all its forms then you do need to recalibrate your tastebuds, reset your hormones and appetite and rebalance your blood sugar levels… and the easiest way to do this is to go cold turkey.  For a fixed period… and then gradually reintroduce natural sugars so that you can maintain a sense of control.

So regaining control from sugar isn’t about cold turkey for life… its about enjoying the sweet stuff in life in a balanced way.

Imagine Enjoying Easter ..Guilt Free not Chocolate Free

Easter is just around the corner and for many sugar addicts this is heaven, as just like Christmas this is time for feasting…I mean really Easter is all about the food right?  I mean easter eggs…yum!  Or in my case Teaser bunnies = double yum!!

But don’t use these seasonal holidays and the associated treats as an excuse to overindulge, don’t use it is as a reason to not address your Sugar habit right now.

Imagine looking forward to enjoying time with family and friends this Easter, but without guilt, shame, recriminations. Eating some chocolate feeling free from the desire to over consume. Not putting on any weight at all over the holiday.

Join us on our next Sugar Detox Retreat starting Monday 19th March and after one week you will feel ready to face Easter feeling balanced, motivated and in control.

Sound good?…get in touch now for our last remaining places.

Quitting sugar can be tough…but we can make it better.  Giving you short term gain with long lasting results.  You see the thing is that for us quitting sugar is means to an end… getting you past current behaviours and habits that are holding you stuck and into a new mindset where sugar is not your guilty secret, but something you can enjoy in moderation.


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