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Want to Sleep Better Tonight

Would you like to Sleep Better Tonight?

Women may be more susceptible to the negative effects of poor sleep quality.

The most common culprits threatening your sleep-wake cycles are unregulated blood sugar levels or poor nutrition and/or chronic stress….not to mention how biological conditions unique to women, like the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause, can also affect how well a woman sleeps. or maybe its a mixture of all of the above.

It is estimated that women are three times more likely to experience poor quality sleep than men.

It’s not surprising that the number one reason why women join us on our Stress Reset Retreat is to gain a better nights sleep.  Often the women who join us have not slept well for years, sometimes decades and they are literally worn out.

They choose our Stress Reset Retreat as we have our exclusive nightly SleepHypno sessions…at the very end of the day..just before you retire helping the brain to regain the habit and pattern of sleep once more.  So night after night the quality and quantity of sleep improve.

When your sleep improves your health improves and often your waistline decreases without any effort too. Which is in part why our Stress Reset Retreat is the retreat with the highest % inch loss.

So if this sounds like you then get in touch and come and join us for our Stress Reset Retreat to experience for yourself what a difference this change can make.

But if you cant join us on retreat, don’t panic, follow our seven tips to sleep better tonight.  Put them into practice and you will begin to feel a difference in your sleep quality night after night.

Seven Tips To Help You Sleep Better Tonight and Every Night

1.Eat on time. Cut out all munching no later than 2- 3 hours before bed.  Eating a heavy meal prior to bed practically guarantees a bad night’s sleep.

2. Write your worries down.  One hour before bed, write down the things that cause you anxiety. Make plans for what you might have to do the next day to reduce your worry. It will free up your mind and energy to move into deep and restful sleep.

3. Befriend your circadian rhythm. Develop regular rhythms of sleep. Go to bed before 11p.m. and wake up at the same time each day, even at the weekend.

4. Take a Cold Shower…cooling down tells our body that its time to retire, so take a cool shower about 30 minutes before you turn in.

5. Let there be NO light. Create total darkness and quiet. Consider using eyeshades and earplugs.

6. Avoid caffeine. A big cup of coffee or another caffeinated beverage may seem to help you stay awake through the afternoon but actually makes your sleep worse at night.

7. Avoid alcohol. It might help you get to sleep, but alcohol creates interruptions in your sleep patterns and overall give poor-quality sleep.



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