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Announcing Claudia Fallah Skincare Partnership with The Body Retreat

Here at The Body Retreat we are committed in our mission to support busy professional women reclaim control of all aspects of their health and wellbeing.

We strive to develop and deliver the very best residential health retreats for women in the market. We have designed retreats that are not only effective in the short term but that provide our retreaters with the experience, skills and resources that set them up for long term health and wellness and in the 6 years since we started we have constantly evolved and improved our products and services year after year.

So we are delighted to announce a new partnership with award winning Claudia Fallah Skincare to provide our retreaters with exceptional skincare treatments at all Body Retreats from January 2018.

Known for her dedication to excellence Claudia Fallah is an industry leader in corrective and preventative skincare. She has created gentle and potent cosmeceutical formulations using her bio-dynamic approach of using what nature supplies, which filled the gap between the beauty counter and invasive treatments.

With a personal promise to ‘Restore & Maintain Skin Confidence’ from Claudia herself, Claudia Fallah is a brand committed to providing high quality skincare products and treatments that are the perfect fit for women do not have time for complicated beauty routines.

With a commitment to both efficacy and ethics Claudia Fallah products are a blend of the best that nature offers supported by the appliance of science and none of the products is tested on animals, so it is clear to see just what a good fit Claudia Fallah is for The Body Retreat and why we are so excited to have secured this new partnership.

We will be launching Claudia Fallah Signature Facials at our upcoming Sugar Detox Retreat. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight the relationship between the food that we eat the health of our largest organ…our skin.

Claudia Fallah herself will be joining us on retreat this January to treat our first lucky Sugar Detox Retreaters to their Claudia Fallah Signature Facials. Going forward Claudia Fallah Signature Facials will be available on all Body Retreats.

We are confident that this new exciting partnership, which brings together tremendous beauty and health experience and expertise will help develop a new level of service for our retreaters.


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