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Signs That You Need A Holiday

Do You Need A Holiday?

We all know the feeling.

You have been working for months now, working longer, harder and trying to work smarter but are beginning to feel a little jaded.  You enjoy your work but you feel listless, tired and generally, dream of a lottery win that would allow you to jet off and have some time to relax. You feel you need a holiday but you seem stuck.

Getting away can be restorative and help counterbalance our busy work lives. In fact a recent survey by DWP said that in the current economic times that work levels and work stresses growing bigger that taking time off work should be seen as a necessity, not a luxury.

10 Signs That You Need A Holiday.

  1. You feel your temper rising.  You find your anger rising in small situations like a queue in the supermarket not moving or someone stepping in front of you as you board the train.
  2. You feel exhausted on Friday afternoon.  But just as tired on Monday morning.  Sleep just doesn’t seem to be helping to lift you feeling of general fatigue you feel.
  3. You get tearful at silly TV shows or adverts.
  4. Your to –do list leaves you cold.  You once were enthusiastic about the challenges in front of you …now they just feel like a never-ending uphill struggle.
  5. You cannot remember the last time you had fun.  When did you last really let your hair down and have a big old belly laugh?
  6. You can’t face the phone.  When you get home from work you feel all talked out, so you switch your personal mobile to silent.
  7. Comfort eating is your crutch.  You can’t seem to get through the day without some little treat
  8. Caffeine is your saviour. There is just no way you would make it through a whole day without caffeine.
  9. Your hair/nails/skin is a mess.  You have little time or interest for self-care, even shaving your legs is a chore.
  10. You have begun to notice health niggles. Over-working depresses your immune system, making it more likely you will catch a cold or the flu or develop aches and pains and struggle to sleep.


Getting away, even for a short period, can do wonders for both body and mind.
But sometimes just getting away isn’t enough.

Did you know that according to a recent survey by the Post Office that men also find it easier to leave it all behind than women, who take longer to relax once they do get away? Women find it harder to just switch off and do nothing…so lying by a pool with a book sounds like a great break but the reality is that after a day or two the stress levels start to rise again.

The answer could be to have an active healthy holiday, when you are able to get away from it all, have time to relax and recharge the batteries but not so much time that your head starts to whirl round that to do list on a loop.

This is a big part of what brings women to our Healthy Holidays in France, Spain and Wales each year.  It’s about having a mental and physical break.  It is the perfect balance of structure and freedom, fun and fitness, relaxation and time to refocus on what is important to you in the long term.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 great reasons why you need to break free from the daily grind and book yourself a Healthy Holiday.

5 Great Things that happen when on a Healthy Holiday.

  • You get some sleep.  You might feel tired, but a physical tiredness not mental, and this tiredness leads to natural restful sleep.
  • Your stress levels reduce. Stress is a true physiological response originally meant to help us and keep us safe. It releases hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine for the fight or flight response that was necessary for early man. However, in modern society, chronic stress can be destructive to our bodies. Getting away and leaving your everyday stresses gives you a break from the constant high levels of these hormones and a chance to repair some of the damage
  • You meet new people and have fun. Travel allows you to meet people from all over the world. Socialising is great therapy.  Spending a week with a small group of like-minded women, who have no expectations or demands for you is liberating.
  • You can get outdoors and be active.  This means you’ll be out in the fresh air, enjoying the outdoors and breathing more deeply, re-oxygenating your blood.  You’ll also gain benefits from the exposure to sunlight,  An added bonus is that most women leave us a dress size smaller at the end of their holiday.
  • You get your spark back. Travelling to new locations gives you an opportunity to spend quality time to focus on yourself, without the intrusion of day to day responsibility.


If you need a holiday then why not join us.

We still have availability on selected Healthy Holiday dates in France & Wales this summer.

If you fancy a holiday with a difference where you don’t feel you need another holiday to recover from your annual vacation then this is the holiday for you.  As experts in women’s health and with 6 years experience of residential retreating under our belt we promise that you will return home lighter, brighter and tighter with energy and enthusiasm restored.

Don’t delay, our next three retreats are sold out, so if you like the sound of this healthy holiday or just want to know more then Click Here and arrange a call back at a time that suits you.


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