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Women Only Healthy Holiday is The Anti-Bootcamp

Just back from a glorious two weeks in Andalusia where we held our first Healthy Holiday for the year.

As usual, we had a high proportion of returners on each week, about 80%, we really are so lucky that so many of our clients choose to return to us year after year.

Of course, it doesn’t take long before old and new retreaters alike are getting on and enjoying the retreat and each others company.

So perhaps unsurprisingly, as we sat around the supper table one night enjoying a glass of sangria we started to talk about why these women had chosen to join us at The Body Retreat and why the Healthy Holiday in particular.

Why Choose A Healthy Holiday

Many of our retreaters holiday alone and so they look for a holiday that is safe for solo female travellers, where they can be a part of a group but not required to be part of the clique.

They want to take time out from their busy lives and by doing something physical they can actually enjoy a mental break too.

They want and need to relax but even the thought of lying by a pool day in day out sends their stress levels up.

They want a holiday that allows them to recharge the batteries but one where they return home feeling stronger and more balanced. If they can return home a dress size smaller, well that a bonus.

They want variety in the days, to pick just one activity like walking or yoga or painting requires you to really like that one thing…but what if you are not sure.

They want to feel supported, nurtured even, not be shouted at or even punished for lack of performance….this is a holiday after all.

Ironically, most of the women who joined us had started their search for this healthy holiday by Googling Bootcamp, Activity Holiday or Fitness Holiday.

Is a Bootcamp What You Are Looking For?

But very quickly they realise that this is not what they are actually looking for.

A Healthy Holiday Is Not….

  • To be part of a mixed group of up to 30 clients.
  • Age restrictions for the over 45’s.
  • Around 8 – 10 hours of exercise or activity per day.
  • 3/4 bedroom dorm style bedrooms and/or shared bathrooms!!!!!
  • Big beefy military types leading the groups.
  • Being the oldest, largest, slowest client.
  • Being on a strict calorie controlled diet.

They begin to realise that they don’t want a bootcamp…they want an Anti-Bootcamp

By process of elimination, they find themselves on The Body Retreat website.

The Healthy Holiday – The Anti-Bootcamp

  • All our images on our website and gallery are of real retreaters.
  • We keep our groups of women only retreats small, no more than 8 retreaters.
  • The average age is 43, but our oldest client is a sprightly 78.
  • The days are full of varied activities but it’s all optional, you choose what feels right for you.
  • Gorgeous private accommodation in remote locations meaning that you really are retreating from the daily grind.
  • A hand-picked team of female instructors, cooks, therapists with decades of experience in women’s health.
  • Meals that are based on local dishes prepared from fresh season ingredient, portion controlled but never diet food.

The Body Retreat Healthy Holiday ticks all the boxes.

Which Healthy Holiday Would You Choose?

The only problem then is choosing which Healthy Holiday suits you.

Do you want to really get away from it all, enjoy challenging daily hikes in unspoilt countryside? Eat Mediterranean style food and get a great tan? Then Andalusia, Spain is for you.

Or perhaps you would prefer to walk through pretty local villages, cycle to local landmarks and take in cultural outings too. Enjoy classic cuisine given a clean eating touch. Then Charente, France best suited for you.

Or maybe you don’t even want to leave the UK, but you want to enjoy some time in the countryside balanced by time in a heated pool or hot tub. Then Monmouthshire, Wales is perfect for you.

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