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Seven Super Summer Reads

Summer Reading List 2015

I love reading, but recently reading anything that isn’t directly related to work is such a rare treat that I don’t want to waste my time on “so so” books. I want to read something that has been recommended, something that will leave me feeling better off for having read it. If you are in search of reading inspiration this summer then any of our super seven will be sure to hit the mark.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success –Deepak Chopra
This is a lovely little pocket sized book that is an easy read but also a book that you will no doubt return to time and again. If you’re a woman in business or even if you aren’t, then you need to read this book.

Women often think that success is all down to hard work and lots of it. I certainly saw that in my corporate career, women who pushed themselves to work much harder than their male counterparts.

Things are changing slowly but surely and while they do it’s a great idea to look at success with a new perspective. Looking at success with an open heart and mind.

Particularly love chapter 4 “The Law of Least Effect”… the idea that you can do less and accomplish more isn’t about cutting corners or taking short cuts, rather its about stopping trying and just do what you do, do what you want and do what you can and watch what starts to happen.
Fat is a Feminist Issue — Susie Orbach
Its hard to believe that FIFI was first published in 1978 because it is still so relevant today some 30 years later.. perhaps more so.

FIFI explores how society contributes to disordered eating and explores women’s love /hate relationships with food. Yes there is a little “bra burning” 1970’s style feminism in the mix, but the core message is very strong. FIFI really looks at the Why of why we eat what we eat. Its eye opening stuff.

If you have ever wondered why you eat the way you do and why you find it difficult to change your behaviours then FIFI could help you to uncover some answers.

Eat Pretty- Nutrition for Beauty Inside & Out – Jolene Hart

If you are anything like me then over the last couple of decades you may well have spent a small fortune on beauty products that made promises of lighter, brighter firmer skin. I have applied lotions and potions from all corners of the world, some as cheep as chips and others the price of 5* Hotel room.

Finally now in my 40’s I get it….what I put into my body does not just impact my waistline but my face line too.

What you put into your body impacts not only the way you look but the way you feel….imagine looking and feeling fabulous every day, having clear skin that glows with healthy and vitality. Because the cells that make up your skin are nourished, hydrated and strong.

Part guide book and part recipe book Eat Pretty has everything you need to reveal your true beauty, one bite at a time.

The Reluctant Yogi – Carla McKay

For many years I had placed Yoga in a box labelled “the stuff other women do”, usually women in cropped bra tops, wash board abs and lyrca leggings. But inside I secretly longed to be able to do a bit of yoga, I wanted the serene moment of calm, I wanted the strength and flexibility.

One day on retreat I took some time out to watch a yoga class and I really wanted to join in, the following week I did…and now I’m hooked! I’m still along way off the “other women” image I had, but that is what is so great about yoga, its progressive and forgiving in equal measure and it makes you feel amazing every time.

The Reluctant Yogi is a love story, except this time the object of affection is Yoga. Like any love story there are ups and downs, will they /wont they moments. In the end McKay falls for yoga, when I read it I laughed out loud a lot!

Whether you are new to yoga, just a little yoga curious or an old yoga hand you will love The Reluctant Yogi. I couldn’t put it down.

You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down – Alice Walker

I love a short story for the holidays, but you have to get the balance right. Stories have to be long enough to capture your interest and actually tell a story and short enough to be romped through.

You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down is a collection of strong modern stories about strong modern women, its about love, lust, anger, danger. These are provocative and at times funny stories about how women can be oppressed and hurt but not defeated. In the end the stories are uplifting and reaffirm the central claim that You can’t keep a good woman down!

The Princess Bride – William Goldman

Where were you in Autumn 1987? I was 17 and spending my time and money at the local video store (remember those!!) because one of my favourite books had been made into a movie.

The Princess Bride combines elements of comedy, adventure, fantasy, romantic love, romance, and a good old fashioned fairy tale. What’s not to love. Looking to escape this summer.. then spend a day or two with The Princess Bride and be transported to another time and place as you cry a little and laugh a lot with this page turner.

Walking Home – Claire Balding

Claire has such an interesting, humorous way of writing yet shows great sensitivity and insight. I like the way she uses the structure of the walks to introduce such a variety of different people and scenarios, while at the same time it’s a journey about how she used walking to reclaim her health and wellbeing…yes she really did walk off her weight.

If you enjoying walking then you will be inspired to get out of your chair and create your own walking memories and perhaps even retrace some of the walks outlined in the book… I know I shall.

Id really love to hear what you are reading this summer, so please leave a comment below and share the literally love.

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  1. The Princess Bride had to make your list Juls, I distinctly recall lying on your bed as teenagers listening to the Mark Knoffler vinyl record of the theme tune. As You Wish ……

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