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Christmas Party Survival

How to best navigate the Christmas parties without piling on the extra pounds?

This weekend sees the christmas party season at its height. For some people while they are looking forward to getting together with friends and family there is a slight sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach… you see for them Christmas Party = BLOWOUT!!! So they feel almost drawn into over indulging as if it were beyond their control.

If this sounds like you then take heart…because there are simple strategies that you can use to help you to remain in control, avoid over indulging but still have a great time and enjoy a few treats and temptations.

Christmas Party Survival Guide

  • The first and most important rule is to never go to a party on an empty stomach. You will not be able to make any sensible decisions about what and how much to eat when your tummy is rumbling and your nose is fine tuned to notice all the tantalising smells wafting from the trays of canapés being proffered to you.
  • Having a little healthy snack should be part of your getting ready routine. The snack should include some protein to keep the hunger at bay for longer. If you are in a hurry, have some natural yoghurt with muesli. Or if you have more time, go for a boiled egg with rye toast soldiers…really need to eat and run… Nut Butter on Rye Toast is the perfect portable protein snack.
  • At the party, don’t stand next to the buffet table, you will be tempted to pick at bits, instead take a plate full of the items you really want to eat and enjoy them back at your table. Avoid any deep fried canapés such as mini spring rolls and samosas, and go for the ones that include some protein. Look out for chicken satay sticks or prawns. They are simple, but will fill you up more quickly and keep you going for longer. If you can’t help picking on something see if there are some olives being offered. The fat they contain is actually good for you.
  • When it comes to the dinner party, firstly remember that you don’t have to eat all three courses! But if that feels a bit too Scrooge like for your Christmas spirit then choose one of the three course to be your free meal, where you can choose any foods you fancy. Then chose your other two courses to be balanced, looking for high protein low fat options…and remember to eat consciously if you can leave something on your plate at christmas you have CRACKED IT!! 😉
  • And just a gentle warning on the alcohol side. On the day of a big party keep a two ltre bottle of water on your desk at work and look to finish by the end of work This way you are fully hydrated before you begin to drink alcohol. Avoid punches and pre mixed cocktails, they will be loaded with sugar instead stick to champagne … only 90 cals per glass. If you are drinking wine look to match each glass of wine with a glass of water and you’ll feel much better the next day. See our Guidelines for Festive Tipple Survival.

And if you do end up over indulging a bit, don’t panic -there’s always the New Year to get back on track!

6 Replies to “Christmas Party Survival”

  1. Loved it and made giggle as you were pointing out the “what not to do” as i saw myself in all of them (in the past of course)

    This is such a great list of practical reminders of how to get through the festive season with class! Thank you!! 🙂 ❤ xx

  2. Some very useful tips, particularly the one about eating a healthy snack before going out. I tend to not eat anything if I’m eating out and then often end up eating a lot when there because I’m hungry.

  3. Hi Juls, nice one. Full of some good advice. Just one question, what would you advise the vegetarians like myself to eat at the party? I often end up eating samosas and spring rolls, because stuff such as chicken satay and prawns are no, nos. And now I know why I only drink champagne – it must be because I instinctively know there are only 90 calories! Bring it on! Lol!

  4. Great advice. It’s always tricky to say ‘no’ during the festive season, so these sensible tips are really worth following.

  5. Thanks to all your good advice I am confident I won’t put weight on this Christmas and I’m on a cruise with food available from 6am until midnight.
    I would hate to regain the 14 pounds I’ve lost since my first retreat
    Happy Christmas x

  6. What a marvellous way to spend Chrimbo…enjoy. I know that you wont undo all your good work. Happy Christmas xx

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