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The Body Retreat

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7 great benefits of weight loss retreats for women

At Brealy Bootcamps, we are often asked what the benefits of weight loss retreats for women are. Everyone is unique and will notice differences particular to themselves – which we love to hear about! – but in the meantime, here are 7 great reasons to attend one of our women’s only weight loss camps!

  1. identifying the causes of failure. It is not unusual for some of our clients to have previously tried to better manage their weight and improve their fitness levels but perhaps with less than outstanding success. Sharing those experiences with others and learning from expert tuition, may help identify and deal with those inhibitors in future;
  2. understanding your body better. It’s sometimes surprising just how many of us have picked up serious misconceptions about weight, health, nutrition and fitness, over the years. That might lead to serious errors in lifestyle approach but fortunately ones which can perhaps be relatively easily dealt with;
  3. focusing on yourself. Many women today have phenomenally busy lifestyles and it can be difficult to find time to concentrate on yourself and your own personal needs. A retreat may seem a little indulgent but the investment of time is designed to help you find solutions to not only manage and maintain weight loss, but is about changing behaviours and achieving balance. All these things will help you feel and function better, meaning you’ll be more able to cope with a hectic lifestyle;
  4. forming a support network. When trying to change aspects of your lifestyle, it can be very difficult to get started when you are working in isolation. Sharing your experiences with others while also getting one-to-one tuition from one of the team, will kick-start you into a new regime more easily than if you were trying to do it entirely on your own;
  5. learning new techniques. Some exercise regimes are arguably far less effective than others. Learning about the right sorts of exercise is important and the same thing can be said about foodstuffs. For example, you can learn some practical tips relating to managing blood sugar levels and thereby avoid feeling hungry in between meals during the day as well as avoiding those awful 3pm slumps;
  6. enjoyment. Brealy Bootcamps are bootcamps in name only and not by nature. These aren’t endurance tests designed to push your powers of physical or mental persistence to breaking point. They are practical and fun-filled sessions where the objective is not only for you to lose weight and feel more informed about your lifestyle choices, but also relaxed and in a stronger frame of mind.
  7. finally, let’s not forget the health boosting benefits of a combined programme of frequent exercise, nutrition and balance. Exercise not only tones you up and increases your fitness, but, on the inside, it makes amazing, positive changes. For example, stronger bones, so you are at less risk of osteoporosis: stronger muscles that help you burn calories more efficiently and support your internal organs by helping them function more optimally; and glowing skin. Throw in great nutrition and a framework of how to cope with emotional and mental concerns such as stress and sleep disorders – and you will be in great shape.

While these are obvious advantages that everyone should benefit from, some of our past “campers” have also shared some of the things they have noticed since their weight loss camp.

They include having whiter teeth (no coffee or red wine stains!): having the confidence to change careers; going from hating running to competing in 10k marathons; to stopping being on anti-depressants (with the blessing of her doctor of course).

As you can see, while you may be coming to one of our weight loss retreats to lose weight, you will gain so much more!

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