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Conscious Eating…Eating As An Art

Conscious Eating…Eating As An Art.

Eating can be an art, it can be practiced to bring you pleasure and enjoyment and most importantly not have any negative or unwanted side effects such as extra pounds or inches as the result.

This is how you can enjoy food more while still being confident that you can continue working towards your goal…

  • Eat only at mealtimes and when you eat, focus all your attention on the food you are actually eating.
  • Do not watch TV or read a magazine or book, enjoy this time.
  • Before you begin to eat, take a moment to really look at your food, notice the colours and textures. Notice the shape and size of you food, notice too any patterns.
  • Inhale deeply and enjoy the aromas, smell your first forkful before you eat it.
  • Taking only small mouthfuls and putting your cutlery or food down between bites.
  • Focus your complete attention on the food you are eating, don’t let your mind wander.
  • Be aware of all the taste buds in your mouth and how they are stimulated by each tiny bit of food. You might even find that closing your eyes while you chew allows you to focus more intently on the taste.
  • Chew your food slowly as if in slow motion before you finally swallow.

Instead of giving up foods you like, savour them, enjoy the fact they can still be a part of your life. But by chewing slowly and consciously and when you are starting to feel full then STOP you can continue to enjoy them for ever.

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