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Is Food Addiction Stealing The Joy From Life?

Do You Have A Food Nemesis?

Do you have an emotional attachment to certain foods or even to eating itself?  Are you struggling with compulsive eating, binge eating or if eating creates emotional conflict for you then its time to change you’re not alone.  Hundreds of thousands of women have some form of disordered eating.  For some this has a minimal impact on their life, but for others what starts as habit becomes a full blown food addiction.

Certain foods such as sugar, refined carbohydrates and fats create chemical reactions in the brain that make these foods seem to have a drug like quality.  Life can become centred around certains foods, wither that is the secret eating of these foods or often its the guilt ridden total abstinence of these foods.

There is a way forward from food addiction  but the first step is to be honest with yourself and identify the real issues.  This short test below can help you to discover your relationship with food and eating.

  1. Do you think about sweet foods and sugars product frequently through the day?
  2. Are you aware of the location of everything sweet in your house right now?
  3. If sweet foods come into the house do you feel yourself “haunted” by them until they are gone?
  4. If you are having dinner with friends and family if someone leaves a significant portion of pudding do you find your eyes keep being drawn to the plate until it is cleared away?
  5. Do you feel differently after you have eaten sweet foods, euphoric, fuzzy headed for example?
  6. Do you get strong cravings for bread products or starchy carbs?
  7. Do you find yourself at the dinner table watching the bread basket pass around having already identified the piece of bread you want to have?
  8. Do you feel disappointed if you are given a smaller slice of cake or smaller sandwich in comparison to others?
  9. If you had a choice between a large tuna salad and a small tuna sandwich what would your first choice be the sandwich?
  10. Does a meal not feel complete without a refined carbohydrate, pasta, bread, rice?
  11. Is a baked potato an excuse to eat lots of butter, sour cream, cheese?
  12. Do you take real delight in any cream based products, sauces, cakes etc?
  13. Do you have cravings for potato crisps over any other food?
  14. Do you only like milk or white chocolate over dark?
  15. When eating bread and butter is the butter more important than the base?
  16. Have you ever eaten cream, butter, mayo, cheese or creamy dressings without any other food?
  17. Once you start eating a particular food is it hard to stop?
  18. Are there certain foods you will only eat alone?
  19. Do you often break you own rules about eating certain foods, for example tell yourself you will only have two biscuits” and then finish the packet?
  20. Do you eat before you attend events so you can sure of having eaten enough?
  21. Do you hide the evidence of having eaten certain foods?
  22. Have you ever put off going out, seeing a friend or attending an event as you would rather go home and eat alone?
  23. Do you ever tell yourself “every thing will be ok as soon as I have eaten these biscuits/some chocolate/ some bread etc etc ….”?
  24. If you were eating as you drove along the motorway and dropped something into you lap would you paw around to find the food rather than wait until you reached your destination?
  25. Have you ever gone out of the house to get one item of food…. Chocolate, crisps, bread, cake etc etc because you need/want it right at that moment and you do not have any at home because you don’t keep them in the house?.

If you have answered yes to nine or more questions then you might be addicted to a certain food or to eating itself.  Knowledge is power and this knowledge is the first step towards regaining control.

Here at The Body Retreat we have helped hundred of women just like you to regain control of their relationships with food, looking at food intolerances, normal imbalances and blood sugar stabilisation to help real women gain real results.  If you would like to chat about what steps you can take to regain control then why not set up a call back now

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