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Is all Weight Loss good Weight Loss?


Is all Weight Loss good Weight Loss?

Have you heard or read advertisements promoting weight loss products with tag lines like: “No diet, no exercise, effortless weight loss”, or “Loose lbs fast”? I even saw a product recently that suggested that you can Drink & Shrink!!! There are so many products and services that suggest that their plan can help you to shed weight fast.

While the results they sound great, you need to know what happens to your body when you get a “quick fix” and how it can affect your overall health. There is a cost to everything. Unhealthy dieting and rapid weight loss can cause gallstones, hormonal imbalances and other more serious health problems including heart and kidney failure.

Even if these magic products and services don’t cause any physical health problems, they can lead to emotional or psychological health problems as individuals get stuck on a merry go round of negative body image, negative self esteem and negative confidence.

Rapid weight loss is often not sustainableYou and your body simply can’t keep up the pace. You might drop a dress size or two in time for a wedding or special event but typically after the special day, you relax the diet plan and the weight is regained.

The only way to keep your weight off for good is to eliminate factors that cause it: body toxicity, sugar cravings, overeating, and low self esteem.

Healthy weight loss means not only fewer pounds and inches, but stabilised blood sugar and blood pressure, more flexible joints, calmer emotions and other sometimes surprising health improvements.

Healthy weight loss is surely the best option!

Developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise that is a plan for life, not a quick fix.

Does that sound like a solution for healthy weight loss and for life?

At The Body Retreat, all our programs are based on our Four Pillars of Wellbeing to make sure that while you can be sure of an immediate result at the end of retreat you have all the skills, knowledge and confidence to build upon this result at home. There are no magic wands, no silly restrictive diets and no quick fix false promises just a real focus on sustainable healthy weight loss.



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