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When the Christmas party scene starts to kick off its only natural to feel a little swept up in the festive spirits.

Festive drinking can take its toll on your body and your health, from the additional empty calories of many cocktails, the late night sloshed snacking, the hangover sugar binges and not to mention the distinct lack of motivation to get up and exercise.  Its seems like a pretty bleak time for the health conscious amongst us.

But worry not, its not all doom and gloom, with a little planning you can have your tipple and your waistline.

Our Golden Guidelines for Christmas Drinking Survival

  • Never drink on an empty stomach, preferably drink alcohol with food so it slows down the absorption of the sugars.
  • Do not drink alcohol on two consecutive days and not more than twice in any one week
  • Avoid carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices as both are very high in sugar.
  • Choose your beverage wisely remember that the rules about carbonated drinks and fruit juices still apply, so if choosing sprits what mixer will you have.
  • Dry white wine or red wine is probably a better choice than sprits or beers
  • Don’t mix your drinks.  Pick one drink and stick to it for the evening.  Mixing wines, beers and cocktails is not only a sure fire way of becoming very drunk but can also make you ill.
  • Stop drinking at least one hour before you go to bed.  Then during this last hour drink water to help rehydrate yourself before you sleep.
  • If you come home and you feel like ravaging whatever is in your fridge, drink two large glasses of water, then have a small snack. It should tide you over.



Chrimbo Cosmo

1 measure Pimms

½ measure sweet vermouth

Cranberry Juice

Dash Angostura Bitters


Pour all ingredients into a shaker over ice.  Mix vigorously.  Pour into a cocktail glass and serve.


Merry Mojito

1 measure Gin

1 tsp Agave Syrup

4 mint leaves

4 wedges lime

soda water


Muddle the Gin syrup, mint and lime in a tall glass.  Top with soda water and serve.

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