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5 Ways to Detox your Mind

The connection between mind and body has been acknowledged for a long time, but we can often forget that how we think can affect how we feel just as much as how we feel impacts our thoughts. Thoughts become Actions, Actions become Behaviours and Behaviours become Habits.

At The Body Retreat all our programmes have behavioural change programmes at their heart, this is because we are committed to supporting women achieve long lasting results, whether that be weight loss, improved fitness, reduce stress or detox body and mind from harmful toxins.

The mind can store harmful toxins in much the same way as the body, negative thoughts , self sabotaging thoughts, critical inner voice can all impact your overall health and wellbeing and so it can be helpful from time to time to make a concious effort to detox the mind.

Try these 5 Mind Detox Techniques 

Detox News Time

Yes there is a lot going on in the world right now, but ask yourself the question is it helpful to you right now to spend hours watching or reading the news?
Here’s the problem with consuming too much news. It causes our mind to think further and deeper about the topic that we read or hear about. Normally that’s not a bad thing but sometimes it can send your mind to a worrisome place after hearing of all the uncertainty in the world. So this week, ditch the news until the weekend and see for yourself the difference that can make to how you feel.

Detox the Overthinking

Are you a ruminator? Do ideas and thoughts go round and round in your head, distracting you from the job at hand or preventing you form getting to sleep at night? If yes then perhaps its time to stop overthinking? Instead make time every day this week to be mindful, being mindful helps to training your brain to be present in just that moment and can help to turn off the overthinking switch.

Detox those Self-Sabotaging Behaviours

Are you seeing the same destructive patterns again and again? Do you find yourself behaving in a way that is not congruent with the goals that you want, or even with the person that you want to be? It can be hard to shift from self sabotaging behaviours, but the first step is to recognise the behaviour for what it is, it is just behaviour, it doesn’t have to define you… unless you let it. So spend a little time to get clear about what the behaviour actual is, that in turn can lead to what is driving the behaviour. It really helps to write your thoughts down as you go through this process.

Detox your Calendar

Do you control your calendar or has it begun to control you? Do you find yourself saying yes to every event, every meeting? Even those meetings that may not be of benefit to you? If this is you then this week make a commitment to yourself to block out at least three 15 minute “Time for Me” slots. Then use that time to do something for yourself, it might be read a magazine, indulge in some online shopping or maybe even just sit in the garden and enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit. Reclaiming even a small amount of time for yourself sends a signal to yourself and others that you are worthy of your own time.

Detox your Bank Balance

Are you buying happiness? Do you often treat yourself to expensive little things? Are you spending money trying to make yourself happy? Take a look back through last months bank or credit card statement and see what you spent your money on, beyond the necessary household expenses and bills etc Are there items on there that would fall into this category? It’s a cliché but its true the best things in life are free, hugs form your children, a compliment from your partner, having a laugh with friends. Is it time to spend more in these areas?

Would you like to understand more about how you can detox your mind from self- sabotaging behaviours, negative chatter or limiting beliefs?

Why not join us on our Detox Retreat and see for yourself how you can adopt new healthy behaviours to support you achieve your goals.

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