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Covid-19 Indemnity Form

Coronavirus Indemnity for The Body Retreat

We want you to know that we take the health and safety of everyone who enters our Retreats very seriously. Although The Body Retreat have taken precautionary infection prevention measures in line with professional guidance, we recognise that it is not possible to eliminate 100% of risk associated with transmission of the Covid-19 infection.

We have assessed all aspects of the retreat programmes and venues and have implemented changes to both practice and procedure to ensure that we can minimise the risk of potential infection.

Nonetheless, Covid-19 remains a risk to health .

By joining our Retreat, you are agreeing the following:

  1. To the best of your knowledge you are not infected with Covid-19
  2. To the best of your knowledge you have not been in contact with anyone who is infected with Covid-19 within the last 7 days
  3. You are not experiencing a fever or signs of respiratory illness such as cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or other COVID-19 symptoms
  4. You understand that, notwithstanding our vigorous infection control steps we cannot guarantee your safety from Covid-19 while you are on our premises.
  5. Our Covid-19 health and safety control measures have been explained to you and you will follow these while on our premises, including completion of this form before arrival and wearing a mask for personal treatments if asked to by the therapist.

The infection control measures we are undertaking will include:

Personal Face Mask for treatments (if asked to by the therapist) and an Equipment Kit issued to each Retreater

Disinfectant hand gel will be available in all communal areas.

Enhanced hygiene and cleaning procedures by the property owners, which will also include disinfecting of possible infection sources.

Offer outdoor exercise where appropriate.

More details can be found on our website.

Covid -19 Indemnity form

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