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Success Stories – Paula

Back in January 2013, I was the biggest I had ever been, and probably the most stressed I had ever been.  My size 18 clothes were getting too small for me, I looked 9 months pregnant and I found it difficult to buy nice clothes on the high street.  I decided enough was enough and although I knew it was going to probably be the hardest thing I had ever done, I needed to lose the 5.5 stone I had put on.

In January I spoke to Julie about the different retreats that were available and which one would be the best for me.  She advised me to start with the Detox Retreat in March, followed by a 7 day Weight Loss Retreat in April.  Julie explained if I followed the plan there should be no reason why I shouldn’t lose 2 stone by the end of April (2 months).

The thought of being 2 stone lighter in 2 months felt unachievable at the time, but I thought even if I could lose half a stone it would be well worth it.

The Detox Retreat was a great ‘wake up’ for my body, considering I had not exercised for over 5 years. I also found the nutritional advice was very informative, as well as interesting.  This retreat was life-changing for me, I lost 6lbs by the end of it, and went away with my plan.  The biggest change for me was planning my meals and snacks.  Up until then I had been used to eating ‘on the go’ or grabbing a take away on the way home from work, so that took some getting used to.  I can only say that the key is in the planning!!


Paula – after

Paula before

Paula – before

I started swimming 4 times per week and generally tried to walk more instead of using the car for a 5 minute journey.  I found just by doing this I lost an average of 2.5lbs per week.  By the time I started the Weight Loss Retreat, I had lost 1 stone 13lbs in all.  On this retreat I felt like the walks were easier than before .  I also started running on this retreat, which I have continued since being home.  I could not run for more than 1 minute back in March, (another first for me) I lost 5lbs on the Weight Loss Retreat, putting me over my target by 4lbs.  I got on really well with the whole group and a few of the girls convinced me to enter a 15 mile walk around Exmoor in June and then a 5K run. If someone had said to me in January that I would be doing these events 6 months later, I would have laughed my head off.  I have had a few treats and parties in May, so my progressed slowed down, but I have kept up the exercise and healthy eating and have now lost 3 stone.

I have just bought my first top from the high street in a size 12!! I can’t explain how proud I am of myself; I can honestly say it has been easier than I first thought it would be, and by carrying on my conscious eating/eating at regular times, I have not felt hungry once!!. Although I have worked hard at doing the exercise and at first it was hard, it does get easier.  I would thoroughly encourage anyone who is lacking confidence (like I was) and in need of a change to a healthier life-style, to ‘bite the bullet’ and book a retreat today. DON’T LOOK BACK, JUST LOOK FORWARD TO A HEALTHIER YOU.