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The Body Breakthrough Programme

Reclaim The Body & Health You Deserve

Do you feel that your weight or size excludes you from joining a retreat?

Are you fed up of being failed by diets that have left you feeling miserable and more disappointed with your body and health?

Do you feel stuck, unable to break the cycle of negative eating habits?

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and try something different?

Our 10 Week Online Body Breakthrough Weight Loss Programme has been designed specifically to support women with more than 6 stones to lose (BMI 40+), who are not currently exercising and who lack the confidence to or knowledge of how to start.

We know how difficult it can be to get started to change your body, fitness and lifestyle, even when it is a change you want so very much.

We know how confusing it is to be bombarded by so many different diets, how hard diets are to follow long term and how deprived you can feel following restrictive diet plans.

We know how frustrating it can feel and how much it can hurt when the results don’t come and how you can feel like you must be doing something wrong and its your fault.

We Want To Tell You: It’s Not Your Fault.

You haven’t done it badly. You didn’t mess it up.

In fact, there’s some very good reasons why those diets haven’t worked for you (or anyone else for that matter).

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5 really good reasons diets haven’t worked for you

·      1. They don’t help you heal the roots of your food addictions or cravings… they usually only trigger them!

·       2. You feel intensely hungry and grumpy on them… which is pretty much the worst way ever to try and make a change that will last!

·       3. Most programmes forget that diets are not just about what you put into the body… it’s about what you do with your body and the mind too! All three need to be balanced.

·       4. Making lifestyle changes without support from a coach and other encouraging women in exactly the same place as you can set you up for failure!

·       5. And most of all –  diets are not about long term healthy nutrition – they are just temporary methods of weight loss.

The Body Breakthrough Programme is different

Based on the same principles as our Weight Loss Retreat our 10 Week Online Body Breakthrough Programme is the first steps in achieving the body, health and fitness you want and deserve.

With a real focus on shifting negative mindest and developing a healthy relationship with food this Online Programme is the perfect introduction to sustainable weight loss.

Join a group of women who just like you are ready to make a change but perhaps feel nervous about joining our Weight Loss retreat preferring to take things a little slower, having personal attention and most important of all having more psychological support to help build healthy habits for life.

What will you do on our Online Body Breakthrough Weight Loss Programme?

Learn about yourself

We’ll help you change the lifestyle and behavioural patterns which may have encouraged you to put on weight or stopped you from losing it. You learn the difference between the different types of hunger and how to eat only when physically hungry.  You will get clear about what is driving your eating behaviours.

Move Your Body

There’ll be weekly exercise sessions in which you’ll be encouraged to work at your own pace, the exercise programme can be modified to your fitness level so you don't feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

Eat Well

After a week long Kick Start Programme you will have a weekly meal plan and simple recipes to help you to begin to develop a better relationship with food... not based on counting calories, points or macros..but based on balancing your energy level and minimising cravings.   We’ll encourage conscious eating, to ensure you enjoy your food with us and never feel the need to over eat again.

Have ongoing support

Included in The 10 Week Online Body Breakthrough Weight Loss Programme is access to our private Body Breakthrough Community Facebook page where you will have daily support to help you to work through all the stages of the programme.

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