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Weight Loss Diets Are Like Bicycles

At The Body Retreat weight loss retreats we don’t advocate any diets, in fact I often liken weight loss diets as bicycles… they look great, they look so easy to master, with the promise of freedom, the promise of a better bottom,  but here’s the thing….

Even the most accomplished cyclist at some point will fall off their bikes.

Bradley, Chris and Victoria all look natural in the saddle, make it look so easy but all of them have felt the pain and shame of the tumble off.

Often falling off isn’t even your fault, a bump in the road, another road user, a mechanical failure.  Sometimes it’s easy to quickly get straight back on and perhaps after a shaky start you get some momentum again.  Sometimes, you feel hurt and embarrassed so you quit and never ride again.  You think what’s the point, you can’t cycle, its too hard.  The new bicycle ends up resigned to the shed or ends up on ebay.

Similarly, the latest weight loss diet always seems shiny and new with the promise of easy weight loss, a better bottom, a better life.

The newspapers and magazines are awash with success stories of people for whom this new weight loss diet has been the key to turning their life around…. So we feel tempted, we feel envious and so we make the purchase, buy the book, sign up to the programme, begin the diet.

To begin with things may go well, its new, different, special,  it occupies all your conscious thoughts as you begin to learn the new rules, explore the new skills needed.  And because you are religiously applying the principles and your food consumption changes, guess what …. You lose a few pounds.

You feel great, the hype might just have been right, this is going to be so easy.  Then as the days and weeks go by it becomes harder and harder to be so disciplined and apply the rules of restriction or substitution.

So you start to free wheel a bit, start cutting corners,  start taking detours.  And then the wheels come off all together.  You find yourself hurt, embarrassed, guilty.  You beat yourself up about your apparent lack of ability.

So what’s the alternative?  Well, at our weight loss retreat we advocate BEING CHOOSY.  Being choosy about what you put into your body and make choices to eat a balanced diet.  Applying the 80/20 principle, so 80% of the time you choose to eat healthy and nutritious foods and then 20% you choose to have a little splurge.

You cant fall off if you don’t get on.  So get all those weight loss diets books on ebay now and every day choose to be choosey instead.

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