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Sun Safe Tips From Claudia Fallah

Stay sun safe this summer

Let me introduce you to Claudia Fallah


Claudia Fallah is a skincare specialist and has been in the skincare business for 30 years. Her magical healing hands have helped many people overcome their skincare issues, from acne to rosacea and other various skin concerns.

Claudia has recently formulated a new skincare range for the retail market, which has been formulated and designed for even the most sensitive of skin.

You may be surprised to hear that Julie Brealy is a raving fan of Claudia. Not usually one for making time for skincare…much more of wash and go kind of a woman… Julie was introduced to Claudia earlier this year and loved Claudia’s no nonsense approach to skincare. She is for the first time ever using skincare products daily and has really noticed a difference in skin texture and appearance.  So Claudia Fallah is a staple in Julie’s bathroom now LOL.

Julie Brealy's Bathroom

Our Body Retreat values are in line with Claudia’s. We are both passionate about helping real women achieve real sustainable results.. so it felt like a very natural choice to begin using Claudia Fallah Skincare products.  We love her no nonsense no nasty approach to skincare.  There are no unnecessary or harsh ingredients, no extra packaging and they are not tested on animals.  I love ethical and effective skincare don’t you.


We are jetting off to Spain tomorrow to set up the first Health & Fitness Holiday of 2016. The weather forecast for Andalusia is looking pretty hot… just how we like it!!

So we asked Claudia to share her sun safe tips to take care whilst in the sun this year, after all we want to be healthy inside and out.

Claudia Fallah’s Sun Safe Tips

  • Hats are very ‘on trend’ this season, so be sure to keep your face shielded by wearing a cap or hat..the wider the brim the better.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water (aim for 2 litres a day), this will help your skin to retain moisturise and will help you keep that summer glow!
  • Take your time to sunbathe (don’t overdo it in one day!) and stay out of the sun in peak times (10am-2pm).
  • It’s important to remember that you can still get a tan whilst in the shade without damaging your skin. Remember to top up on sun protection throughout the day or after you have been swimming/exercising.
  • Don’t forget your lips! Remember to apply an SPF lip balm to stop your lips from burning.
  • Wear sunglasses – this will reduce crow’s feet.
  • Don’t forget to apply sun cream to your neck and chest.
  • Protect your hands and ears by applying sun cream throughout the day. These parts are always the first to be forgotten!
  • If you are going for a bike ride or walk – take a cloth or lightweight scarf to cover your shoulders and neck when the sun starts to become too hot.
  • If you get sunburnt on your face – apply my Intensive Repair Crème, aim for a thick layer overnight. Or try my Perfectly Calming Mask on your hands and face overnight, this will stop your skin from drying when you wake up the next day.


I always recommend an after sun cream once you have had your cool evening shower. This will help to refresh and hydrate your skin.  Also don’t forget – exfoliate before you go on holiday, this will help you to achieve an even tan.


Find out more from Claudia’s range: www.claudiafallah.co.uk


Do you have a sun safe tip to share?  We would love to hear from you… just leave us a comment in the box below.

Now I must finish my packing.. Hasta Luego xx



13 Replies to “Sun Safe Tips From Claudia Fallah”

  1. Very sound advice, I live in Andalusia, Spain so I know it makes sense.
    Here’s my additional sun safe tips:
    For the men in your life……….always, always where a hat if going a bit thin on top preferably wide brimmed! Don’t like hats then don’t forget the sunscreen.
    Wearing sandals/flip flops then protect your feet with sunscreen.
    If you get sunburnt on your face, neck and ears look out for sun spots appearing after the sun burn has healed and get them treated.

  2. That is a great tip…ill be sure to pass that on to the water babes on this weeks Andalusian Holiday.

  3. Great tips. I burn easily so if I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the water (kayaking or whatever) I borrow a tip from the kids and wear a rash vest. T-shirts are great but don’t always screen out the sun.

  4. My husband burns so easily in the sun (does so in the winter) so my tip is to ensure one of those mini “try me” sachets in his wallet (and my purse. It takes up the same room as a credit card. If there is unexpected sun (and lets face it, we don’t expect it often here in the UK!) you’ll always have that little emergency protection.

  5. Rash Vest….sounds technical…but I love it, always keen to go shopping for new kit 🙂

  6. That is such a great tip for “emergency” protection. I think ill start that one asap. Thank You

  7. Great tips! Especially not forgetting the ears. My dad had to get cancerous skin cells removed from behind his ear a few years ago (he was a keen walker) & now religiously wears a cap!!

  8. So true..we all forget the backs of ears and they are such a sensitive area. Thanks for sharing. x

  9. I am always interested in new products without any nasties, looking forward to giving this a try.

  10. Its so great…have just started to use it here in Andalusia on our Health & Fitness Holiday.

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