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Interval Training is it for you?


Interval Training is it for you?

Interval training is becoming know as one of the best ways of increasing fitness levels whether that be speed or strength, but also interval training is now one of the most popular exercise protocols for improving health and losing weight because it burns body fat more effectively.

One of the best things I like about interval training is that you don’t need any equipment or have to go to the gym as it can be done anywhere.

If you are not sure how interval training work or what to do then just follow this simple rule,

Alternate periods of high intensity effort with periods of short low intensity or rest periods

So for an example-

High intensity phase – High knee run on the spot 20 – 45 sec

Low intensity phase – Slow controlled Squats 10 – 15 sec

Repeat 4 times

This stop –start workout is not only teaching your body to recover quickly from the high intensity phase (improving your fitness level) but also training it to burn body fat more efficiently for energy, turning you into a fat burning machine even when you are not working out.