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Get Summer Swimsuit Confidence right now

Swimsuit season is upon us, and this year it seems that we may not even need to go abroad to have the opportunity to get a tan.  But it can be a nervous time for some us as we prepare to bare all in our summer swimsuit or bikini. Is your swimsuit confidence low?

The first thing to remember when you think about peeling off those layers is Don’t Panic!!  You are not alone…. It’s natural for everyone regardless of size, shape or age to feel a little daunted when it comes to showing more of our bodies to random strangers than we normally show to our best friends.

Below are our Top Tips for Summer Swimsuit Confidence right now!!

Find the right suit for you


The first step to being swimsuit confident starts with finding the right suit for your body.  Be sure to pick a suit that flatters your figure, boosting all your best assets.  Feeling confident that everything is being supported and held in or up in all the right places gives you piece of mind so you can relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Swimsuit Confidence Starts Within


Remember nobody is perfect, so focus on the parts of your body that you like not those you don’t.  Your energy follows your attention, so if you are thinking about how good your legs are, rather than how much you hate your tummy, that positive thought sparks off a happy endorphin in your brain, which makes you feel good.

When we feel good we act good and it becomes much easier to stick to our healthy eating and exercise plans and not be derailed. Even if you’re having an off day, hold your head up high and smile – seeing is believing, and the more self-assured you act, the better you will feel, and the more you will believe you really do have a summer swimsuit body.

Don’t Compare, Focus on the Positive


If you ever catch yourself comparing yourself to any of your gazelle-like friends or model types on the beach, re-channel that energy into being thankful about your own body and situation in life.  Just close your eyes and remind yourself of three great things in your life and you will begin to feel a warm feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.  There’s no reason to let your mind go to a negative place.

Exercise Boosts Body Confidence

Before you hit the beach schedule a yoga class or a brisk walk the day before.  Exercise has tons of benefits, but the purpose of exercising right before you bear all in your swimsuit is all about the confidence boost it gives you about your own body.

If you are going abroad, no mater how little time you have before you fly, start doing the Plank exercise twice a day every day.  It’s easy!

Time yourself and begin with holding good posture for just one minute:

Shoulders back and down, stomach in and head held high and strong

Start to build this up every day until you can comfortably hold Plank pose for five mins twice a day.  This will strengthen your core, making it feel tighter, you will hold yourself upright and your body will feel strong and confident.

Eat Clean Healthy Food

Another way to achieve some easy swimsuit confidence boost is by eating healthy foods, so in the week before you fly make it your mission to only eat the cleanest, healthiest most delectable foods.  Cut back on the carbs, only one small portion of carbs per day and no carbs after lunchtime. Focus on lean proteins, fish, seafood, fruits and veg.

Dehydration can also make you feel sluggish and this in turn makes you feel like giving up on your good work.  So drink plenty of water, increase you daily intake to between 1.5 – 2 litres of still water.  Your skin and your waistline will be the better for it in only a few days.

Prepare to Bare


We all need to give our body a bit of TLC after hiding it away under tights, jeans sweaters etc all winter. If you haven’t already then now is the time to invest in a body brush, this one simple little tool will transform the look and feel of your skin in next to no time.  Just 5 mins body brushing every morning will not only wake up a sluggish circulation but will get your skin glowing.

Retreat Yourself

And finally….perhaps you would feel more confident if you were to lose a few pounds, tone up a few wobbly areas and really get your glow back.

It can be tough to juggle changing habits, increase your activity levels, prepare healthy and nutritious foods while at the same time juggling work, family and all the other roles you have.  Did you know that all the women in the photos on our website are real Body Retreat clients on a real Body Retreat?

Our ladies join us not for a quick fix but rather to gain control over their health and well-being for life… and that is real confidence.  Its not a size or shape or a number on the scale or swimsuit…but rather body confidence for life.  Why not join us on our women only weight loss retreat and achieve body confidence that will last long after the swimsuit season ends.

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  1. Very informative and timely – not just because of summer holidays on the horizon for many, but in general as the weather gets warmer and we can’t hide behind our layers, you present lots of good comprehensive steps to take to increase ones body confidence – and your retreats seem awesome!

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