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Conscious Cooking Take Over

It’s take over time.

Very excitedly for me our Conscious Cooking Blog is about to have a take over.

I stepped into the Body Retreat kitchens for what was supposed to be a short term thing… fast forward 7 years and I’m still here.  Im not complaining…I love it.  I have a passion for cooking having learnt from a very young age and it has bee a real adventure these last 7 years developing my knowledge about food and nutrition.

Over these last few years The Body Retreat has grown and so you can find yourself becoming a victim of your own success.  We started to run more and more retreats and soon they started to fill up.  As you may know c0-founder Julie and myself work all day every day on every retreat and it’s great…but it is time consuming.  So you can begin to find that despite your best intentions things start to slip… for me one of the things that really slipped was my blogging consistency.

We have so many fabulous healthy recipes here at The Body Retreat and Im super keen to share these….i just struggle to make the time.

One of the positive side effects of building a business in being joined by new people and last year we were joined in The Body Retreat Kitchen by Fleur.  Fleur is a fabulous addition to our kitchen… you can trust me on this… I’m a total foodie and (if I’m honest) a bit of a control freak in the kitchen…. and I am continually impressed by Fleur’s palate and her passion for good food.  Working from my recipes Fleur has already started to put her stamp on retreat dishes week after week.

I’m so impressed that I’ve asked Fleur to step up and take over the Conscious Cooking Blog… and she said YES!!!!!!

This means that every week now you will have a new recipe over on our Conscious Cooking Blog. I am so excited by this and I know that once you start to read them that you will be too.

Go over and see for yourself what she is up to…every Friday morning over on the Conscious Cooking Blog.



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