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Call us today on:   Order Tramadol Cod Online
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Tramadol 100Mg Online

Women Only Weight Loss & Wellbeing Retreats

Ordering Tramadol From Mexico - Cheap Tramadol Canada

Price for this retreat includes:

Ensuite accommodation with power shower or bath, luxury bedding, bath robes and towels, all meals and snacks and drinks prepared to your dietary requirements, between 6 – 7 hours activities per day, group behaviour, hypnotherapy and nutrition workshops, complimentary body treatment, welcome pack and Goody Bag , At home programme and follow up communication

*retreats start on the first day at 4.30pm and finish at 10am on the last day, there are activities on both of these days.

To secure your place you can book online here or call 0203 701 1603

Please read our terms and conditions before you book  Order Tramadol Online Us Please note that Personal Accident and Cancellation Insurance is highly recommended.

*coupons not valid with any other offer or Voucher please contact info@thebodyretreat.co.uk for details*



SKU: N/A Category: Order Tramadol For Dogs Online
Purchase Tramadol Cod
Price: £1,950.00£2,450.00
Tramadol Eu Online

Call us today from 9am until 5pm

Ordering Tramadol From Mexico - Cheap Tramadol Canada

To secure your place you can pay 30% deposit now and the full balance 10 weeks before your event date.

This 7 night Retreat price includes

Pre course advice, consultation and health questionnaire

Recommended clothing list

Personal health assessment on arrival and departure

Welcome pack and Goody Bag

Ensuite accommodation with power shower or bath

Luxury bedding, bath robes and towels

All meals and snacks and drinks prepared to your dietary requirements

Between 6 – 7 hours exercise per day

Coastal walk and Healthy Picnic Lunch

Daily behaviour and hypnotherapy workshops

Nutrition workshop

Extra personal training session available from £50 per hour

1 complimentary 40 min body treatments  (more can be booked & cost from £50 )

Access to expert optional Hypnotherapy Consultations (£60 for one hour) or Nutrition Consultation (£60 for 30 mins)

Expert handouts, recipes, meal plans & shopping lists

Personalised home exercise programme and active post course community

Follow up  communication.

If You Think It's Time To Invest In Yourself, Please Click The Request A Call Back Below And We'll Help You Find The Right Retreat For You

Mastercard Tramadol

What Our Retreaters Say...

“I would just like to say how much I appreciate your bootcamps because, as an older person (over 60) I am always nervous about starting any exercise. At The Body Retreat we all worked at our own pace and up to our own capabilities. Even when I was the slowest, I never felt neglected, left behind or under pressure. Although I will not now become a champion athlete now, I feel that you appreciate the importance for older people to exercise in order to lose weight, stay healthy and keep flexible. Thank you”