Sugar Detox Retreat

Change your relationship with food

Sugar Detox Retreat

Why choose our Sugar Detox Retreat?

These days it is pretty hard to avoid sugar. It is a naturally occurring energy source in fruits, veggies and carbohydrates but it is increasingly being added to every day foods like yoghurt, breakfast cereals, pasta sauces, stock cubes. The list of “hidden” sugars goes on and on.

In the long term, too much sugar in the diet can lead to weight gain and diabetes, but it can be harmful in the short term too. Even moderate regular sugar intake is linked with a host of conditions from brain fog, fungal infections, mood swings, low energy levels, mucous production, inflammation and lowered immunity.
When giving up sugar, the first few days are often the hardest as the sugar cravings kick in and the “healing crisis “caused by the detox process begins. It is at this point that most home programmes fail. Our carefully designed Sugar Detox Retreat supports your body and mind to beat this vicious cycle and put you back in control of your health permanently.

Sugar Detox Retreat works by:

• Balancing Blood Sugar Levels
• Rebalancing Hormones
• Reducing Inflammation
• Increasing Energy
• Improving Skin Condition and Slow Aging
• Igniting Weight Loss

It is possible to Kick Your Sugar Habit, Reclaim Control of Your Health and Regain Your Waistline with our Sugar Detox Programme.

Detox your mind: A detox isn’t just a time to cleanse your body, but to also to let go of any self sabotaging thoughts or emotions which may be holding you back or causing you stress. Your week will include group sessions of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and guided visualisations to help you let go of toxic emotions and rebalance.

Exercise gently: An important part of your daily routine will be gentle exercise. There’ll be up to four classes a day of low impact exercise such as yoga, Pilates, walking and toning, and we also suggest you make full use of the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms to encourage movement, flexibility and support detoxification.

Enjoy some R&R: Being good to yourself and taking time out is vital, but especially on a detox, when our energy is taken up with the detoxing process and we need to gently support our bodies rather than overloading them. Included in your week are a massage and Mio body treatment of your choice and you’ve the option to book more therapies. There will also be sessions to help you pick up relaxation techniques to use at home.

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