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The Body Retreat offers the widest range of weight loss, health and fitness holidays and wellness breaks for busy professional women who want to reclaim control of their health and wellbeing.

The Body Retreat is the perfect balance between spa retreat and health and fitness bootcamp. Our structured courses are carefully designed to support you to achieve your goal. . All our residential retreat programmes are specially designed to target issues which affect women’s health and wellbeing. We are confident that you leave us fitter, healthier and happier than when you arrived, but just as importantly, you will be equipped with the tools and resources you need to maintain momentum and regain control for life.

There is a Body Retreat for You.

Weight Loss Retreats are an amazing kickstart for  weight and inch loss, as well as developing a positive, healthy relationship with real food and finding ways to exercise and be active that suit you and your lifestyle. This is a weight loss retreat that can change your life forever.

Re-Set Retreat is specifically designed to tackle the mental, physical and emotional impact of negative stress on the body. This unique programme helps to break out of the vicious “burnout” cycle we can find ourselves in through stress, anxiety, exhaustion and negative emotions. Your body can heal itself in the right environment and with a little help and guidance from our team of experts.

Healthy Holidays for Fitness and Weight Loss brings together elements of all our core Retreats.  Built upon our 4 Pillars of Wellbeing our Healthy Holiday is the perfect blend of nourishing body and mind through clean natural whole foods, while at the same time increasing your activity levels.  With a variety of daily activities to stimulate the body and mind a week on a Healthy Holiday means you return home feeling Lighter, Brighter and a whole lot Tighter.

We take advantage of our gorgeous Healthy Holiday locations and so you can expect to also enjoy the local culture too.  Our Healthy Holiday is not a Bootcamp, this is not about deprivation, abstinence and exhaustion.  This is about balance, moderation and fun.

Sugar Detox Retreats are perfect for those times in your life when you need to revitalize and rid your body and mind of toxins like sugar which can make you feel lethargic and sluggish. If you want to get back your glow on the inside and out while you tame your sugar habit then this is the retreat for you.

Weekend Retreats are designed to help you get away from it all, stay on track, and support focus on a specific goal or journey, as well as simply enjoying being active and having fun with a group of like minded women. We have a variety wellness breaks focusing on Body and Mind so there is a weekend break for everyone’s interests.

Our retreats all start on the first day at around 4pm and finish on the last day mid-morning.

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There are many contributing factors that influence results, results will defer for each individual. Call us to talk over the best retreat for you.